At GHD, we’ve been hosting our newer code on github (most of which is private, but I’m working this year on making it public). It’s mostly worked well, but I noticed a while ago that I stopped receiving email notifications for commits (ok, technically “pushes”, but I’m still working on my conversion from Subversion).

Now I’m not a huge fan of email (in fact, I agree with Paul Graham that email is ripe for an overhaul), but I do like my commit notifications to show up in my inbox.

Turns out it was related to the new organization we created and my role as an owner of that organization, as Alex King explains here. Unforunately, github doesn’t make this clear on either their Notifications page or Teams page.

[Why wouldn’t owners want email notifications? We don’t spend all day staring at our github dashboard, but we do have email accounts…]

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