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  1. The valuable experience of maintaining your own code

    I’ve had variants of this conversation with engineers over the years, but this particular blog post was sparked by a conversation I had with a junior engineer in mid-2021.

    I’ll start with what I said to them:

    One of the things that isn’t often taught to new …

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  2. Make something happen by making it wrong

    Recently, one of our CSMs (Customer Success Managers) at Appsembler was trying to figure out how to get their customer a network diagram that met their security team's needs. Engineering had a few existing diagrams, but they either revealed too much or had a different purpose, and CS didn't want …

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  3. Be kind

    This topic runs the risk of being trite. I get that. But it's important enough to me that I wanted to post something.

    There are those who go through life without much care for those around them, some famously so as they rampage to the top of their respective spheres …

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  4. Trying a new format

    In my chat with Alex this week, he mentioned a new approach he's taking with his blog:

    I've found my sweet spot for getting my ideas out the door is about 100 words, just long enough to make a single focused point. Anything longer and it's a slippery slope of …

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  5. Why I Didn't Like and Comment

    Note: If you're coming here from my Facebook post, hi and thanks—I appreciate you thinking about me. I wrote this long-overdue post for a number of reasons, but hopefully it will explain why I didn't like/comment as in the past, and why I won't be reciprocating. It's not …

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  6. Reflecting on the End of 2021

    This is a reflection just on the last two weeks of the year, not the year 2021. The year as a whole was, if you can believe it, worse that 2020. I'd rather move past the events of this year and into 2022, but as a firm believer in the …

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  7. What Happened?

    The 5 months since my previous post have been quite a whirlwind. I had big plans to post, but a few things got in my way. Or, rather, I let a few things get in my way.

    The return to school this fall was quite the adventure. All smooth, thankfully …

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  8. The Value of DIY

    You have to make decisions about how you spend your limited time on Earth. Many of us trade money for time, paying for others to handle tasks that we:

    • would take much longer to do if we had to do it ourselves
    • would do a much poorer job on, due …
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