1. Privacy-conscious web analytics

    Now that my blog's back up, I'm looking into web analytics solutions before I add more posts and share them on social media. Privacy is important to me (a subject for another post in which I rant about the evils of Alexa), and the old standard, Google Analytics, is a …

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  2. Dependency and Environment Management in Python

    People have a lot of opinions about dependency and environment management in Python.

    Python's been having a moment recently, as more tools are coming out to address problems people have had with pip and virtualenv.

    I'm not going to add my own two cents. This is more of a survey …

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  3. Pelican, pyenv, Poetry, and (Github) Pages

    As I mentioned in my last post, I'm using Pelican to set up this new blog. It's not yet properly themed, it's missing all of the historical posts, and there's a lot more config I need to play with. And I need to finish the domain config.

    But it's up …

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  4. Back in Black (ink)

    You can see my last post is about bringing the blog back, which I did, in part. But I never published it publicly, because I got caught up in deployment adventures.

    It's not hard to set up a staticfile blog these days. There are tools and hosting services aplenty. But …

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  5. Bringing Back the Blog

    Twenty-one years ago, I posted my first blog posts. For a while, I had a pretty good publishing streak going. But for the last several years, not only have I not been adding to my website -- I've completely let my website lapse.

    I had a Wordpress site, but then it …

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